SWAT Counter Terrorism

With the continued spread of radical Islam, lone wolfs and copycat criminals, the need for operators to be ready is more important now than ever.

SWAT Counter Terrorism and Explosives Mitigation  course is designed to provide the team members with the knowledge skills and practical training for hostage rescue intervention operations, take over operations, conduct raids and vehicle take downs with the consideration that the person or persons of interest have some kind of military training and are not just typical criminals looking to escape prison or gain financially.

This course will deal with stand-alone (IED’s) and explosives in vehicles (VBIEDS) and personally borne IEDs (suicide bombers). These operations will include dealing with explosives which have repeatedly been used in terror attacks all over the world and should be considered the terrorist weapon of choice.

The course will also cover high threat hostage rescue in an urban environment and how to deal with barricaded subjects.

Key Learning Points

  1. Containment and Call Out -and prevent the egress of target suspects, or the ingress of outsiders (innocent civilians, potential sympathizers, etc). 
  2. Pressing - Describe methods of increasing pressure (based on rules of engagement/force continuum) to induce the surrender of suspects these TTP’s are proven in the field and comply with your agencies UOF policies and SOP’s
  3. Fortified Structures - Techniques for responding to terrorists/high risk criminals in fortified structures
  4. Planification - Work with intelligence to formulate the assault plan – Participants will formulate plan of assault based on intelligence and have the opportunity using reality based force on force scenarios to put their plan into effect. 
  5. Clearing - Techniques for clearing structures methodically, stealth and dynamic.
  6. Coordination - Integration of snipers, bomb techs/ EOD, K-9 and medical support to operations and the use of tactical tools such as robots and cameras. 
  7. Take downs - Techniques for interdicting terrorists in vehicles and on foot
  8. Call outs - Conduct call outs against terrorists in schools, hotels and apartments 
  9. Bomb integration - Use the Bomb tech interoperable with the entry team.


This is a 4-day course (40 hours)

Day 1

Surrounding an structure

How to work as part of an 8-20-man team while surrounding an urban structure for both the purpose of hostage rescue and raids.
Cover fire, ranges and limits as well as specific locations and duties will all be covered. Additionally, communication, codes and protocols will all be discussed.  

Day 2

Counterterror Team Tactics

Team drills
Cover fire and bounding tactics
Multiple entries
Stairway clearing both up and down
Hallway clearing
Stealth movement to Contact or Breach Point
Weapon transfer drills pistol to rifle and vise-versa 

Day 3

Structure Search Techniques

Dry practice for 2 men on a doorway.
Room clearing, hall work.
Entire structure searches.
Stealth entry drills.
Hostage rescue attempts. 

Day 4

Hostage Intervention Techniques and Vehicle Takedown

Hostage Scenarios
Movement from outside to inside the structure.
4-man team searches of the interior structure.
Intervention team drills.
Vehicle takedown
Use of vehicles for closing distance.
Breaking out
Firing from the vehicle
How to stop and surround the target vehicle
Cover, entry and search of the vehicle
Extraction and evacuation 

Dear SSI™ Team,
I just wanted to take an opportunity to thank you again both from myself and my team for taking time out of your lives and away from your families to come and provide us with new skills, techniques and the wealth of knowledge you imparted. Your obvious command of this subject and the effectiveness of your ability to convey that knowledge to us was amazing.
We had a team meeting immediately after you left to discuss how this will change our policies and procedures. The changes will be made. We are to begin incorporating explosives and tripwires into our regular training plans. We will brief our command on what we learned and modify our internal policies.
I know, because everyone has made multiple comments to me, that we are all looking forward to training with you again in 2010. I believe there will be a waiting line for students and role players alike. We will be discussing potential topics for the advanced class in the coming weeks.
Can’t wait to see you guys in the spring, 

Deputy Steve Haley

Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office


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