Operational Response to Mass Casualty Incidents

Learn the difference between chemical, biological and radiological terrorism. Students will learn how to identify the steps to prepare for crisis communication in the hospital setting.

ORMAC Training - After attending this program, participants will understand and recognize the fundamentals of mass casualty situations in public health emergencies and define the significance of medical treatment during such situations. They also will learn how to evaluate current data to produce up-to-date emergency programs and procedures and how to identify the steps to prepare for crisis communication in the hospital setting.


Typical Agenda for a 2-day ORMAC program

Day 1

Mass Casualty Incidents

Israeli National Preparedness for Emergencies

Disaster Preparedness in America

Definition and characteristics of mass casualty incidents (MCIs)
Epidemiology of Conventional MCIs

Principles of Pre-Hospital triage

Tourniquets in the field

“Scoop and Run” for MCIs

Blast injuries

Medical management of conventional injuries 

Day 2

Chemical / Toxicological Mass Casualties

Decontamination for chemical/toxicological events.

Hospital Preparedness for chemical/toxicological MCIs.
Video + Discussion - Decontamination for chemical warfare.
Biological events. 

Radiation/Nuclear events.
Disaster plan and Surge Capacity.
Hospital activation for MCI.


Dr. Lynn and all the folks at SSI™ did a great Job! I enjoyed the lecture and all I can say is that this course needs to be offered in longer format. I would recommend that all Hospital/EMS administrators take this course so that the information presented can be implemented. I look forward to SSI™ conducting more classes here in GAEMS.

I will be sure to have GHA and Everett County EMA attend this course. The program was excellent and I really enjoyed the presentation.

Keith Wages

Georgia Association of Emergency Medical Services


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