Advanced Israel Training Course

Advanced Israel Training

If you have a strong interest in the Israeli success story with Security, then this a once in a lifetime experience.

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Come to Israel with SSI on November 10, 2023 .



How to Attend SSI’s Advanced Homeland Security Training in Israel 


Contact us

Contact Henry Morgenstern at the SSI Sales Division through the form at the bottom of the page and get up to date on the latest trip and availability or for any questions you may have.


Fill application form

Download and fill the application form and send it back to us:

This does not oblige you but gives us an indication of interest. You will be asked about 5 months before departure to provide a $500.00 non-refundable deposit. We refund if we cancel but otherwise you have reserved your place.


Wait for further instructions

SSItm will contact you by email so read all instructions carefully and that's it. Pay your balance 60 days before departure and you are nearly there. We look forward to meet in you in Israel.


Let us know if you have any comments or questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Security Solutions International, SSI, is proud to announce that our CEO and Global Counter Terrorism Operations Director, Sol Bradman, is taking over our Training in Israel Mission, with a brand new program, locations and experts. This seminar, based on SSI's experience as the leader in International Training, reflects the know-how of Israel and other countries. The seminar combines an intensive hands-on look at subjects such as aviation Security, Transportation Security, University/School Security with expert lectures and introduction to the thinking of many Internationally recognized experts in Homeland Security. This was researched by SSI. A number of programs copied our past SSI program with no success: we are the only company that has taken 15 missions in the last few years, far exceeding any other group - profit or non-profit.

In addition, we do not provide a dog and pony show, nor is this politically based or nationalistically determined to benefit Israel. The only beneficiaries are you, the participant, coming back with better know-how and therefore enabling you to better protect our nation.

Also, as far as we know, this is the only program to have been approved for funding by the DHS.

SSI's Global Security Workshop in Israel has been approved by the Department of Homeland Security. However, getting funds from Homeland Security is more difficult than it looks. First, a private company cannot help you get these funds. You have to go through your State Administrative Agent and through your local Homeland Security liaison.

Other sources of funding have been through JTTF, UASI and even second dollar funds and Police Training budgets. A few people have had local churches or synagogues sponsor them. Where there is a will, there is a way and if you are determined to come, you can find some financing for a very worthwhile Homeland Security experience.

If you are in the Private sector, there are no grants and you or your company must pay for the trip.

The study missions are designed to give security professionals and First Responders a hands-on look at how Israel has minimized attacks against its people effectively. This is intended for serious professionals or advanced students of Homeland Security policy and practices. In order to be approved, you should be attached to an agency, hold a job in the private security sector or be enrolled in a Post Graduate Homeland Security study program. If you do not fit the above description, please call our office and discuss this with the Global CT Operations Director.

Saint Leo University provides college credits for this course. For more information regarding Saint Leo's Criminal Justice program and the cost of enrollment, please call us. There are academic requirements that you must fulfill in addition to taking the course.

You do not need a Visa to visit Israel. You only need a valid passport. Passports should be applied for a minimum of two months before departure at the latest. However, if you need to get one sooner, the State Department has a program that allows you to expedite the process and receive a passport in a much shorter time period but does require additional fees. Also, you should note any recent requirements from the State Department. For example, you are now required to have a valid passport that cannot expire less than6 months after your return to the US. Please visit the website of the US Department of State for more current information. 

The sooner you send in your application, the better for you. Sending in your application does not require immediate payment or oblige to undertake the trip. However, when we reach 30 participants, we consider the trip Sold Out. The participants that can attend are those that get their application first. Since there is no financial commitment, we recommend that you submit the completed application as soon as possible.


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