SSI - Media


Security Solutions International™ is much more than a media company. It may be the only media company that grew out of its training performance. Since the early years of the company’s history,  SSI™ was active in trainings across the country. This eventually led to an opt-in list of more than 75,000. As the SSI™ e-newsletter flourished, with the commitment to inform its trainees of the constantly evolving threats facing the USA, SSI™ developed further media to inform its trainees, eventually reaching all Homeland Security Professionals in both the private and public sectors.

In 2007, the very successful Counter Terrorist E-zine was founded. Now in its fourth year the country’s leading E-zine devoted to the challenges of asymetrical conflict reaches  upwards of 25,000 readers with every issue. The EZine version of the magazine reaches across the world.

In 2010, the Homeland Security Network LLC, signed a contract with SSI™ for operations and advertising sales. This independent company aims to reach all 3 million members of the Homeland Security community with the first completely secure portal for informal interaction, full scale intelligence and essential news, and the ability to increase communications – a vital element in connecting the dots.

SSI™ is also proud of the webinars it has created reaching hundreds of thousands of participants. SSI™ is unique in providing SSI™ Interactive, a way for advertisers in any of the media divisions to reach their target through demonstrations at SSI™ training events.

SSI™ is committed to excellence in communications for Homeland Security professionals and industry and will continue to launch new media over the next few years.