Securing Public Transportation

public transportation security training

This course has been created for transit employees, transit security and transit police to increase awareness and enable them to recognize IED’s, surveillance that precedes an attack, as well as proper Suspicious Activity reporting.  

The program is based on actual case studies from incidents from around the world.


Included are also modules on active shooter response and CBRNE. The program can be customized to any particular group of employees.

Agencies purchasing the program will also get an assortment of inert IED’s that can be used for recurrent training and to train new hires. 


Warning! Please do not fill out this form if you are interested in this training for yourself. This program is only available for agency hosting for more information about hosting an SSI program please fill out the form below:

Here are some of the features of the two-day program:

                    Attacks on Transit – What can I, as an employee, do to help counter attacks against my transit system

                    Testing to determine current knowledge level

                    Why Transit – an overview of case studies from across the globe each enabling the participant with a better understanding of the reasons transit has been a favorite target of terrorists

                    Familiarization with IED’s including display and exercise to thoroughly familiarize them with these devices.

                    Recognizing a suspicious object and differentiating this from lost and found articles

                    Chemical, Biological and Nuclear materials

                    Developing an instinct for spotting suspicious activity and how to report this

                    Recognizing an attack from Surveillance to execution. In-class exercise to help understand the planning process around an attack based on local examples

                    Concealment of IED’s

                    Active Shooter awareness and Run, Hide Fight response

                    Self Defense basics from a seated position for drivers (as required)

                        Train-The-Trainers program summary, testing and conclusions