Pull Kit

General Information and Main Features


SSI's new "Pull Kit" takes years of operational in the field experience and puts it all in one convenient Pelican case. Customized case plate, elongated hooks and custom made hammer along with specially selected accessories makes this kit a must have!

The best part is that you can use it with any vehicle with a standard two inch hitch receiver!

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Sol Bradman
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Main Features

  • PELICAN BRAND 1740 CASE - Pelican Brand 1740 case attached to custom hitch that inserts in standard two inch tow receiver. Adaptable to replace push plate on Bear and Bearcat. Textured powder coated black.
  • CUSTOM LASER CUT FOAM - Custom Laser Cut Foam insert for all kit items.
  • CUSTOM MADE TOW STRAPS - Two 30 foot custom made "black" tow straps rated at over 30,000 lbs. tensile strength each.
  • CUSTOM MADE HOOKS - Two custom made hooks extra open non-gated for easy insertion - textured powder coated black for non-slip grip.
  • CUSTOM WINDOW SPEAR - Custom made 39" 1 inch rolled steel window spear with rounded ends, and 6 foot chain - textured powder coated black for non-slip grip.
  • THOR HAMMER - Custom made elongated Thor hammer 12 pound custom head with 3 foot composite handle.
  • EASY OPERATION - Push button tow pin for easy on and off operation.

88005 Overseas Hwy. #10-109.
Islamorada, FL 330306


Email: contact@homelandsecurityssi.com
Phone: +1 (786) 573-3999
Fax: +1 (786) 573-2090