PVB - Portable Vehicle Barrier


When law enforcement personnel in Dallas wanted a product to protect the greatest sporting event in the US they chose SSI™'s PVB.

The reason the PVB is used by agencies and militaries across the globe is that it transfers the momentum of the threatening vehicle upwards and stops it in its tracks. Two adults can deploy the barrier in minutes, and there is no need for electricity whatsoever.

The Portable Vehicle Barrier comes with several customized configurations:

  • You can put wheels on it so that it acts as a swing barrier and easily opens a road.

  • You can toughen the line by adding anchoring cables or place the PVBs in one single row or even three rows to stop anything.

  • Additional safety features can be added.

PVBs can be folded down quickly –moved and stored with ease. The PVB is reusable and durable.
Best of all, NO maintenance is required.

Made in the USA means jobs in the USA and supporting our national economy. Ordering is quick and easy allowing us to make the PVB available to your agencies immediately. Besides being the most cost effective barrier in the business today, the PVB is a VBIED killer. CALL NOW.

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