Mass Gathering and Venue Security Management

mass gathering security

SSI has always been the US leader in Building Safety with hundreds of professionals trained throughout the country from private to public sector security. Now, through one of the US experts on Venue security this important subject is available to anyone with an interest in Public safety, counter terrorism or physical security. Building managers will also benefit from

Workshop description

This course will address the nature and scope of activities and issues involved in securing venues from the various threats. Motives, methods, and impact of threats will be discussed. This course also includes an examination of the strategic and tactical planning implemented to detect, deter, prevent and respond to potential threats. Table top exercises will be used during this course. The MESA™ process will be discussed.

Instructional objectives

Introduction to the MESA™ process (Major Event Security Aware) Overview of the terrorism threat/Active Shooter threat/All Hazard threat ; Safety and Security – Asset protection, threat and risk assessment

Mitigation and preparedness; Response and recovery; The communications challenge; The role of technology, The future and evolution of venue security and exercise formats for your venue.

Additional information: Blocks of Instruction


During this block of instruction students will learn the importance of proper planning. The need for a Concept of Operations, a Crisis Response Plan, collaboration between participating and responding agencies, the need for assessments, training and exercising will all be discussed as they apply to venues of mass gatherings. The terrorism threat as well as the All Hazard threat will be discussed and examined. In addition, the importance of the After Action Review will be addressed.


In this block of instruction students will learn about the importance of intelligence and information as well as the critical need to share information between agencies. The 3 prong test to validate a credible and specific threat will be discussed.


This block contains case studies to include the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia; the 2002 NFL Super Bowl in New Orleans, Louisiana, the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake city, Utah and the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. Several Active Shooter incidents will also be examined. In each instance the planning and preparations before the incident will be discussed as well as mitigation, response and recovery. In each case study, the real world threat that existed at the time of the event will be examined.


In this block students will be placed in groups that replicate the command structure that would be present in the Command Post at a crisis impacting a venue of mass gathering. The students will then participate in an exercise that tests their ability to respond to various circumstances and make appropriate decisions as they occur. As the students apply this knowledge they will come to better understand the concepts behind the course.