Israeli Counter Terror Training Course For Civilians

israeli counter training

Program Overview

This course is based on the methods used by the Israeli security establishment for dealing with active shooters as a member of the armed public. This course will cover the combat mindset and combat procedures Israel uses today to make its citizen army the most effective counter terror fighting force in the world. Come learn from an IDF elite counter terror unit veteran, who will share with you tactics techniques and procedures that come from real world experiences.

Program Defined

Watch the news, pick up today’s paper, or browse the web, you will see incidents of active shooters almost weekly somewhere in the US. Law enforcement has the capability to respond in minutes, the problem is that seconds are what count. What can you do to protect yourself, family, and fellow Americans? Protecting our way of life and intercepting an active shooter (terrorist) is not only a right as a citizen but also a duty if you have the ability to do so. Learn how!

Instructor Goal

To develop the student’s basic skills and understanding to a proficient level that will enable the student to immediately make a decision to deploy a weapon and neutralize violent assaults and/or terrorist acts.


Using learning activities, drills and practical application scenarios, the student will:

  • Learn how your body resounds under stress (Simunitions)
  • Demonstrate the ability to determine when and where is the best firing platform
  • Know and understand how to utilize the reaction sequence.
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of all concepts presented
  • Master weapon manipulations
  • Learn how and when to effectively use cover
  • Learn about tactical positions
  • Demonstrate the ability to take the fight to the enemy and neutralize the threat

Additional Details 

All participants will be vetted and we have the right to refuse any applicant for any reason.

Price is $699.00. Call now 305-302-2790 for registration for the next program