Homeland Security Network


The Homeland Security Network for First Responders, is an open community for members of our police, fire fighters, rescue response, HazMat and emergency management offering a content rich experience where visitors may get information on homeland security jobs; plan a new homeland security career; study online courses from terrorism to better management; get up-to-date intelligence reports; share tactics; discuss among themselves any issue related to crime or terrorism; or just plain connect and communicate. The Network also incorporates a closed-members only section.

As a private network, not affiliated with the Department of Homeland Security, the Homeland Security Network is powered by SSI, an industry leader in the field of homeland security, and the prime US training company for anti- terrorism and counter terrorism best practices. The company has operated the network since its inception.

The Network is a new weapon in the war on terrorism. HSN is available to anyone that is interested in our countries security whether in law enforcement, emergency management, emergency medicine, military, US government agencies, and private security personnel. Many universities and colleges have selected the Homeland Security Network as their network for criminal justice and Homeland Security studies.

The Network is aiming at becoming the most trafficked site in Homeland Security in 2017. For information about reaching our community, please click here