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When you need the advice of experts in the Homeland Security market, then it is time to call SSI™.

Specialized Courses

SSI‘s training know-how

From Airport security in South East Asia to equipment training for Special Operations units in Algeria, from Bomb mitigation to Tactical Counter terrorism in countries like Nigeria, Israel and Europe; with more than 3000 different US agencies trained, SSItm is a world leader.

 Homeland Security Magazine 

Since 2008

As the publishers of the leading Counter Terrorism journal since 2008, and founders of the most successful Homeland Security Professionals Conference, SSItm has built relationships that go back a decade with leading figures in Homeland Security and has the expertise to reach the decision makers in Homeland Security.


For companies and agencies

SSItm offers consulting to both companies looking at the Homeland Security market, and agencies in the US and abroad. Whether you are looking for a way to introduce your product, or train your community in responding to mass casualties, consider SSItm as your consultant.


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