active-shooter Civilian Active Shooter


This course is based on our nationally known MACTAC program developed by LAPD instructors to counteract a MUMBAI style incident.SSI has It has been adapted for civilians but will use the same trainers to train others to go out and conduct the training at the national level. More than 1000 Federal, State and local agencies have been to our programs, and we have trained more than 75 SWAT teams throughout the US in the fields of active shooter, SWAT and Special Response Teams to perform as Counter Terror Units. In addition, we are specialists in Mitigating explosives training. Our MACTAC (multiple assault counter terror action capability) programs utilize the best practices of our own leading US SWAT personnel, together with Israeli and other International know-how to form the most advanced programs available for multiple shooters and other critical scenarios such as Mumbai.

Program Defined:

The possibility of being involved in an active shooter situation is a high risk threat. This program provides the background and incorporates legal response to the deadly behavior for civilians that are carrying weapons. The program is aimed at enabling them to respond if they are caught in the cross fire. The program is based on the SSI – MACTAC (Multiple Assault Counter Terrorism Action Capabilities) that is POST approved for Police Officer training and has been adapted to civilian use. MACTAC has been used to change Federal, State and local agencies.

Instructional Goal:

To develop the student’s basic skills and understanding to a proficient level that will enable the student to immediately make a decision to deploy a weapon and neutralize violent assaults and/or terrorist acts.

Performance Objectives:

Using learning activities, drills and practical application scenarios, the student will:

  • Learn about case law and prior incidents
  • Demonstrate the ability to determine whether to shoot or not shoot
  • Know and understand how to utilize the three A’s: Assess, Act and Assist in field situations
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of all concepts presented

Additional Information:

Participants will view:

The viewing of Tragic Incidents video (the same one used to train LAPD)

  1. Columbine, Co
  2. Virginia tech VA
  3. Binghampton, Ny
  4. Beslan, Russia
  5. Mumbai, India
  6. Newtown, Massacre
  7. others

Use of Deadly Force

Purpose: To provide the students with an overview of when you can use deadly force