Advanced Israel Training

Next departure: May 15th to May 23th, 2020

Saint Leo University logo If you have a strong interest in the Israeli success story with Security, then this once in a lifetime experience taking part in this memorable mission to study advanced topics in Homeland Security while visiting Haifa, the Northern Border, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Bethlehem and the Dead Sea is for you. The cost of the program is only $3,100 (*Does not include airfares)

All activities are subject to change without notice.

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If you have a strong interest in the Israeli success story with Security, then this once in a lifetime experience taking part in this memorable mission to study advanced topics in Homeland Security while visiting Haifa, the Northern Border, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Bethlehem and the Dead Sea is for you. The cost of the program is only $3,100 (*Does not include airfares)

All activities are subject to change without notice.

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Day 1 - Friday - Depart Newark on the Night flight to Tel Aviv leaving Newark at around 11pm, non-stop and arrive in Israel at around 4pm THE NEXT DAY.

Day 2 – Saturday Arrival in Israel at Ben Gurion Airport.

19:00 – Check in and arrival at Hotel

19:30 – Dinner at the Hotel. Henry Morgenstern will go over some highlights and tips for the coming week.

Day 3 – Sunday

09:00 – Hezbollah presents one of the key threats to the USA and this journey through the northern border will explore that threat. There will be stops at notable points on route. You will gain valuable know-how from a real expert on the terrorist situation on the Northern border while seeing some of Israel's most memorable natural scenery – in the Galilee Mountain Range.

We will be also visiting the site of the Ma'a lot massacre which in 1974 changed forever the way Israel responded to terrorist attacks after losing 22 children and many adults in the hostage rescue attempt.

12:00– Lunch on the Northern Border

14.30 – 17:00 Visit to one of the key Hospitals in the North, Nahariya Hospital and find out how they handle casualties under missile threat, respond to terror incidents and mass casualty events.

17:00 – Return to Haifa

19:00 - Dinner at the Hotel

20:00 – 21:00 Lecture by Henry Morgenstern on the basics of the Israeli security concept (optional attendance).

Day 4 - Monday

8.00 – Check out of Hotel

09:30 – 11:30 Visit the National Israel Police Museum. The Israel National Police handles special challenges related to terrorism. In this special guided visit, learn about how the Israel National Police have responded to the threats. This is also the Israel National Police Academy

12:30 – Lunch –Special visit to a Druze village near Haifa

15:00 – 16:30 The YAMAM is the elite counter terror unit of the Israeli Police. The unit is a 24/7 readiness unit that is more paramilitary in nature than most units in the West. Learn about this legendary unit from one of its members, Moshe Ben Shalom, also a SSI SWAT trainer. Moshe will bring experience from "head to head" encounters.

19:00 – Check in to Hotel in Tel Aviv

19:30 – Dinner at Mike's Place – On April 30th 2003 a suicide bomber approached Mike's place, a popular jazz and American style bar on the Tel Aviv Beach. The bomber, who came from Britain, was prevented from entering the establishment by courageous Avi Tabib (survived) the Security guard. However, 29 year old Dominique Haas, Ran Baron 23 and Yanai Weiss 46 were killed. The bombers were given the bombs in Israel by HAMAS. The accomplice that got away was found floating in the water, apparently drowned as he attempted to escape.

Day 5 - Tuesday

8:30 – 12:00 Visit the secret Homeland Security simulator at the Home Front Command south of Tel Aviv. We will learn now Israel prepares itself for a number of scenarios and receive an explanation of the Home Front Commands' duties during times of emergency.

12:00 – 13:00 Lunch on the way

13:00 – Continue on to Sderot, a small town in Israel's southern region where, since Israel withdrew its Army from the Gaza strip, this town has been under continuous improvised rocket attack from Palestinian Terrorists in Gaza and still is! Receive a briefing on the situation from the authorities and view the way people have had to adapt their lives to live with a continuous terror threat.

19:30 – Dinner at the Hotel


Day 6 - Wednesday

9 - 17:00 Protecting sensitive installations. Spend the day at the busy Metropolitan Hotel. Learn the principles of properly defending an institution or sensitive installation. Red team the Hotel's security in a full day exercise in counter terrorism taught by one of Bar Ilan' University's instructors.

13:00 Lunch at the Metropolitan Hotel

Afternoon is a full scale exercise session conducted in and around the Hotel.

19:00 Last night in Tel Aviv – dinner out

Day 7 – Thursday

8:15 – 10:00 Check out of Hotel and travel to Jerusalem

10:00 – 13:00 Start at Gilo, under attack during second intifada; drive to the checkpoint into Bethlehem; see how Israel has protected one its holiest sites, Rachel's Tomb: Visit the new Jewish neighborhood of Har Homa; drive through the Arab neighborhood of Sur Baher to east Talpiot; pass UN Headquarters--Armon Hanatziv; Goldman promenade view over the Temple Mount; view over the Temple Mount from the 7 Arches Hotel on top of the Mt of Olives; head to Mt Scopus for a view over E-1 area; drive north to Tel Ful, King Hussein's unfinished summer palace to look over the northern city borders with Ramallah. Pass along the security barrier to understand the proximity of Pisgat Zev and Beit Hanina, return via Mandelbaum Gate area.

13:00 – 14:00 Guests of the Ministry of Tourism for lunch

14:00 – 17:00 Old City – A most memorable visit to Jesus' Jerusalem and see the Church of the Holy Sepulcher (Golgotha) and see the sites on the way from there to the Wailing Wall, all accompanied by a professional guide that will show you the most interesting parts of 5000 years of history.

18:00 – 20:00 Dinner - Completion of training. Certificates

Day 8 – Friday

Optional tour to the Fortress of Massada, Dead Sea – lowest point on earth.

According to Josephus, a 1st-century Jewish Roman historian, Herod the Great fortified Masada between 37 and 31 BCE as a refuge for himself in the event of a revolt. In 66 CE, at the beginning of the First Jewish-Roman War against the Roman Empire, a group of Jews, refusing to surrender, called the Sicarii, overcame the Roman garrison of Masada. After the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 CE, additional members of the Sicarii and numerous Jewish families fled Jerusalem and settled on the mountaintop, using it as a base for harassing the Romans and for Heroic resistance to the Roman Army. It was here that they decided not to surrender but to commit mass suicide. As such, this has become a symbol for Israel's strength and spirit.

Day 9

Departure to USA from Jerusalem– Assembly times to be announced. The Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport is almost the same distance from Jerusalem as it is from Tel Aviv.

Cost: $3100.00, not including airfares from your city to Israel (Approximately $1500.00 dollars) – optional tour is $120 Single room is now $650 supplement for the week.


"This was an excellent trip. We received a full semester of education and training in only one week"

Professor Michael Wilds - Northeastern State University

"Thanks for helping set-up a behind the scenes look at the Tel Aviv Airport. We were able to obtain valuable information in regards to the operation of the airport security in place and how the did with threats in the area of transportation. Excellent information"

Sgt. Thomas Wolf - Dalls/Ft. Worth International Airport

"Henry Morgenstern did an excellent job fathering ALL the experts and bringing them together in a well-rounded training program. He even provides additional education about Israel ... the US has a lot to learn from Israel"

Alicia Melton - Illinois State Police

"I want to thank SSI for the opportunity you provided to travel to Israel. The quality of instructors provided us with an excellent overview of the security measures provided to a nation under the constant threat of hostile actions. We were provided with the ‘complete picture’ border to border and the unique adaptations the Israeli citizens have made to their daily activities under the threat. The facilities that were toured gave us a very good perspective of the measures taken to protect the citizens and maintain operations during attacks. There was time to soak up the local atmosphere and of course sample, in excess, the regional foods. I would certainly recommend this training to anyone in emergency services who wants to experience first-hand how a country and its citizens deal with constant and very real threats."

Lt. Gary D. Bills -Special Operations Division, K9/Explosive Ordinance Disposal

"This course met my expectations 100%. I have been to over 203 law enforcement schools - this is by far the best, after 40 years of experience"

Lt. Robert Davidson

"This class exceeded all expectations. It also cleared my concerns as it relates to Israel and Israelis"

Police Chief Mears

"Not only exceeded my expectations, this experience has opened my eyes to many ideas and points of view I had never even considered. It was all good"

Eugene Williams

"The course met my expectations and more. Having the opportunity to hear and see homeland security in action was beyond compare"

Officer Woods

"Excellent agenda/schedule..I am glad to see your programs grow progressively since our first training mission with SSI in July of part of that 1st mission it "broke the ice" for me to continue/pursue my studies in Israel, and stay in touch with many of my fellow 2005 SSI participants & share information, etc. I'm proud to have recommended other law enforcement, military & security professionals to SSI for training needs over the last seven years. Here's to continued success of SSI in satisfying the terror related training needs of the response community. Stay safe.

Shabbat shalom"


"This was a great trip, having the abilities to be in areas of conflict that is discussed & views in the world today is a very humbling, yet exciting experience"

"This was my 2nd trip, meeting these experts in terrorism is outstanding, it's a great learning experience to be here seeing up close and personal"